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Empowered Bible Study Ministries

Bible study is essential
to our Christian walk.
As we study God's Word,
our personal relationship
with God grows deeper and
deeper. It empowers us to
live for the Lord in every
aspect of our lives. This is
what has inspired me to do

an online Bible studyies.

Personal Growth

Links That Will Inspire You

Inspirational Tools

Personal Relationship
Knowing God


Swede & Dorothy


The Journey

Creation vs. Darwinism
Doubts of Darwin

The Evolution Debate

The Grand Experiment

Intelligent Design

Interview by RC Sproul

The Flaws of Evolution

Evolution vs Creationism

Three Evolutionary Hoaxes Your Questions. Real Answers.

Evel Knievel

Watch the inspiring testimony of the legendary: Evel Knievel. You will see how he gave his life to Jesus Christ just before his death.

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How to Know God

To find out how you can
Know God and have a
Personal Relationship
with Him, please
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Jesus.Org offers biblically
based answers to the many questions surrounding Jesus birth, life, death, and resurrection. Our database of questions and answers in text, video and audio formats, provides everyone, from seekers to Church leaders, access to some of the best available content about Jesus.


An Introduction to Statistical Probability

By the foretelling of persons, places and events hundreds of years before their
occurrence, the Bible demonstrates knowledge of the future that is too
 specific to be labeled a good guess. By giving examples of fulfilled prophecy, the scriptures give a strong testimony to their own inspiration.

Statistical Probability

Messianic Prophecy: What Is It?
Messianic prophecy is the collection of over 100 predictions (a conservative estimate) in the Old Testament about the future Messiah of the Jewish people. These predictions were written by multiple authors, in numerous books, over approximately 1,000 years. Messianic Prophecy is so dramatic today, because with the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the reliability of the Septuagint version of the Old Testament (both of which have been proven to exist prior to the time Jesus walked on the earth) you can be assured that these prophecies were not conspired after-the-fact. Click on the picture below to read further...

Messianic Prophecies

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Lee Strobel


Dr. Ravi Zacharias

Josh McDowell


Randall has served as co-founder and director of operations at, where he's written and published hundreds of articles on comparative worldviews and Christian apologetics.